Remember to wear your iMpact
wristband as a reminder to use
your life to iMpact someone else.

About iMpact Color Cosmetics

The idea behind iMpact color cosmetics was to reflect our philosophy of simplicity in our packaging and presentation.

The sleek minimalist design of each product is a subtle reminder that many times in life, less is more. The fashion houses of Calvin Klein, Prada and Armani were all inspirations for the final result. In a logo-obsessed world, we consciously made a decision to boldly be the brand of the anti-logo. We wanted our brand identifiable by more than just a logo. iMpact color cosmetics is recognized by its chic minimalism and its iconic “i” found on each product. From our “i’m special HD lip polish” to our “i’m humble lipstick” to our “i’m healthy foundation,” our underlying message with each of our products, is to use one’s life to make an iMpact on the lives of others.

Creator & Founder

Stanley Owings, creator of iMpact color cosmetics, has designed and formulated a line of beauty products to revolutionize the way a woman looks at herself in the mirror.

Stanley’s philosophy is to enhance, enliven, and evoke a woman’s inner beauty. He is doing for the world of color what has not yet been done. iMpact color cosmetics is the culmination of over two decades of Stanley’s artistry, experience and his deep down passion to fulfill his true life’s calling to make an iMpact on the world. He has discovered the synergies between makeup and ministry, which have given him the tools to accomplish this mission. Stanley has worked with the best chemists and research and development experts to create products that are truly nextgeneration and multi-tasking. Stanley’s idea was to simplify one’s life by inspiring the artist within everyone.